It's no secret that Justin Bieber and the guys of One Direction know each other. Niall Horan and the Biebs have even been caught on social media hanging out and playing guitar together. But they've never really commented publicly about how they feel about each other…until now!

Not only did JB share his thoughts about the boy band heartthrobs, but he also is a huge shipper of Liam Payne and Cheryl Cole's relationship!

No really, he wants to be invited to the wedding. Don't freak out though, this doesn't mean Liam and Cheryl are engaged – Justin just feels like he's that close to the couple that he would get an invite which is totally cute!

The "Sorry" singer talked to the Daily Star first about recording a song Cheryl and said, "With our commitments we have never managed to make it work. Though I saw her a couple of weeks back, and now she has left her role on the X-Factor, I think this year will finally be the year we are able to record together. It's something we both want to do."

He continued, "She looks the happiest I have ever seen her. She is beautiful inside and out, so she deserves all the happiness the world. Liam is a great guy, all the One Direction guys are. They just better make sure I am invited to the wedding.​"

Aww! This is adorable. Can you even IMAGINE what a collab between Justin and Cheryl would sound like? The best thing ever, obviously.

What do you think of Justin's comments? Let us know below!

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