When Dove Cameron started favoriting tweets telling her to 'like' if she was bisexual, fans went nuts.

This was partly because literally no one saw it coming. Dove had been dating Ryan McCartan for years and to our knowledge, she had never dated a girl publicly before. So, this was all new and a real eye-opener for fans.

As it turns out, her friend Bella Thorne has also opened up about her sexuality in the past several months. She revealed that she is bisexual – loving girls and guys the same. Fans couldn't believe what they were seeing yesterday when Bella actually said that she had thought about Dove in a romantic way before!

Of course, Dove being Dove, she is making our dreams coming true again. The Disney Channel star actually responded to Bella and dubbed them a power couple! Ahhh…the idea that these two could possibly start dating in 2017 is becoming more and more real, and we don't know if our hearts can handle it!

Dove tweeted, "bahahaha #powercouple."

bella dove tweet

It seems like Dove is joking considering how hard she laughed before writing #powercouple. But, that still doesn't mean the whole idea hasn't crossed her mind in one way or another!

Bella is beautiful and seems like she's super fun to be around. These two could become one stunning couple that makes everyone jealous due to the crazy antics they could get themselves into! Do you think Bella will respond to Dove or is this the last we've heard from Dovella? Yes, their ship name would be Dovella.

Here's to hoping this relationship could become reality some day! Because really, Maleficent's daughter and CeCe Jones would make for a real freaking power couple that's for sure.

What do you think about Dove's response? Let us know in the comments below!

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