Nick Grimshaw spoke about Harry Styles' upcoming solo album on Radio 1 on Feb. 15 and it is causing much excitement in the One Direction fandom. Not only is this the first time fans got confirmation that a Harry solo project is on the way, but there is also a story about the singer ditching the radio host and his mother!

During the radio show, Nick and his co-host were discussing Harry's music plans and when his solo music was going to debut.

"His manager said Harry's album will be out late April, early May. Soon! That's exciting," the other co-host said.

Nick said: "Soon! Very exciting. Hey, I hope it's really good. Don't you? I think it will be good. He has good taste and he likes good music so that usually translates, doesn't it? He's into good music, so surely he'll make good music."

"He's obviously had a lot of time, not rushed it. Had good people to work with," she said.

Then Nick admitted that he was actually meant to hear it that past Sunday and even invited the 1D guy over for his dinner at his mother's house, but the worst part is he did not show up!

"I was meant to hear it on Sunday. He said, 'I'll come over on Sunday, do you want to hear it?' and I said 'yeah, I'd love to hear it, I'll get my mom to make a roast.'" How sweet right?!

Then he revealed, "Did he come? No! Did my mom make him potatoes with goose fat? Yes, she did. She was like, 'What time is Harry coming?' I said, 'I don't know!'"

Did Harry at least apologize? Of course not. The radio host said: "Eileen [his mother] is not happy about it. Eileen is mad! It's Eileen that he needs to have a word with. He's got her number, he can arrange that."

Yikes! While we are disappointed that Harry would do this to a friend and his family, we are glad to hear the news from his manager that his album is coming in the next few months. We have to agree with the hosts who said that his music taste is so great that he is bound to make incredible music, especially since he has taken the time to create something flawless.

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