Whenever we creep up on Halloween, usually in the week leading up to it, we tend to post throwback Halloween costumes from years past. Whether they're silly, scary, or slightly embarrassing, it keeps the spirit youthful, and let's face it, is an easy grab for likes. And it's similar when it comes to our favorite celebrities and their Halloween red carpet appearances. Some of them are a little lol-zy, and some of them are absolutely killing it (both Elle and Dakota Fanning really learned how to use their pale hair color to their advantage). But mostly we just love seeing the raw outfits of our faves when they were just bbs!

Like, let's just think about the days when it was Drake Bell, not Josh Peck, that was the hottie in Drake and Josh. Josh was more of the humor and heart of the show, so it makes total sense that he'd wear an inflatable ballerina get-up for the holiday. Who would've guessed that over 10 years later he'd be such a smokeshow—and yet still hilarious!

And let's just talk about how Dylan and Cole Sprouse, who these days are both arty AF, ended up little rockers for Halloween. Back in the day the tiny Sprouses were not only seriously indistinguishable (the face paint did not help) but they went all out as members of Kiss! Seriously, we could not imagine them doing something like that today — a more recent Halloween flashback has Cole as Milo from Atlantis, so even his Disney costumes are super obscure.

And don't even get us started about how once upon a time wild child Bella Thorne celebrated Halloween without a scrap of make-up (or septum ring). But that's not all! From young Ariana Grande to little Zendaya, here are some adorable Halloween throwback costumes from back in the day.

This post was originally published on Oct. 21, 2016.

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