It's understandable for actors to want a souvenir to remember their best on-screen roles. But believe it or not, some of them have gone as far as actually taking their favorite props without permission. Talk about bold! For instance, did you know that Kristen Stewart stole props from the set of Twilight? She ended up taking the rings that she and Robert Pattinson used on screen for Bella and Edward's wedding!

“I took the rings. I have the engagement ring, the moon ring, and the wedding ring which are really, truly quite important to me,” she once said.

And cue the "awww." We are legit freaking out over this juicy behind-the-scenes detail. And call us crazy, but we get the feeling that Robert was a major part of the reason why those rings meant so much to her! Even though it's been over five years since the franchise ended, we hope that she still has them to this day.

Click through the gallery to see which celebrities stole props from the set of their movies!

This story was originally published on August 1, 2016. It has since been updated.

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