She’s saying bye for now. Yep, that’s right, Trisha Paytas has officially announced her “retirement” from YouTube and fans are shook! On Tuesday, March 3, the internet star uploaded a new video and explained to her almost five million subscribers that she’s no longer passionate about making videos.

“I posted on my Patreon that I am quitting YouTube. And that is not really a lie. YouTube is no longer my priority. This is, for the first time in my life that I’ve ever said that. It’s for a multitude of reasons and I’ve always said that I would never stop doing YouTube and that is 100 percent true,” the 31-year told viewers.

Trisha went on to explain that she’s “retiring from YouTube as a full-time YouTuber,” but still has plans to release videos especially when she’s feeling “inspired.” The social media star said that the video streaming platform has become her lowest form of income so she doesn’t want to stress about making content when she could be working on other endeavors  — like her podcast or TikTok.

“I love the platform and I’m so thankful for the platform, and I feel like this will be the platform people know me from,” the influencer said.

Even though she won’t be uploading new videos to YouTube on a daily or weekly basis, Trisha said that soon fans will be able to watch full episodes of her podcast on The Dish with Trish channel. As fans know, Trisha first launched her vlog channel back in 2007, and since then, she has made a major name for herself on the platform. The blonde beauty has been come to known for her mukbang videos, music videos and, most notably, some pretty big controversies over the years. Even though her most loyal viewers are sad to see her go, they’re happy to see her succeed with some exciting new projects.

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