Just when it looked like all the drama was over, Trisha Paytas‘ posted a new video. On Tuesday, November 12, the internet star announced to fans that the weekend after her Las Vegas wedding, her bright orange Lamborghini was taken from her parking garage. In the video, titled “My Lamborghini was STOLEN from my Apartment Complex!,” the 31-year-old broke down the entire story about her stolen car.

It all started when Trisha’s sister, Kalli Metz, came over to help her pack up her apartment before she moved into her new house. While they were packing, Kalli mentioned that she noticed the Lamborghini wasn’t parked in its normal spot. After they called the police and watched the security footage from the apartment complex, Trisha explained that there was nothing else they could do except hope the car was found.

“Basically we filed a police report and there was really nothing else we could do…we were just hoping they would find the car and hopefully the guy,” she said.

Then the story started to take a wild turn.

“So, this guy [direct messaged] me Monday night, the night I got into Pennsylvania, and said ‘hey I bought your Lamborghini,’ she told fans. “I was so shook, I didn’t know if I should respond or not, but right away I responded and I was like ‘well that was stolen.'”

She claimed that as she talked to this man who allegedly bought her car, she sent the police screenshots of all the messages. It turned out that this man who bought the car was scammed into thinking that Trisha was actually selling her car and, while she was in Pennsylvania, the police retrieved and returned her stolen Lamborghini.

Toward the end of the video, Trisha offered viewers safety precautions to take so they could avoid similar situations. She also said that as she moves into a new house, she plans to turn over a new leaf with no more scandals. As fans know, this stolen car situation came just after Gabbie Hanna accused her of blackmailing fellow YouTuber Gabi DeMartino. Here’s to hoping there’s no more drama in Trisha’s future.

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