On Tuesday, August 10, Trisha Paytas took to TikTok and seemingly threw some serious shade at David Dobrik. In her newly uploaded clip, the former YouTuber wrote, “[You] think [you can hurt my feelings? I was friends with David Dobrik,” following a recent trend while the song “Bulletproof” played in the background.

@trishlikefish88♬ bulletproof – shsldead

As fans know, the internet stars previously feuded back in 2019, after she called the Vlog Squad founder a “horrible person” and compared him to “a serial killer.” At the time, he included clips in since-deleted vlogs of Trisha’s ex-boyfriend and one of David’s best friends, Jason Nash, making sexual jokes involving Tana Mongeau. In a tear-filled video, uploaded in February 2019, she also claimed that David forced Jason to breakup with her. After confirming that she and Jason had split as a result of the jokes he made, Trisha claimed that David was the problem.

“Even though Jason’s creepy and disgusting, David’s on a whole other level of being an actual horrible person,” she said. “If you watched David’s vlog, which a lot of people have because I get tweets and comments and texts about it, there’s this joke that he knows I don’t like so he pushes it. He pushes it because he knows it gets a reaction from me.”

Trisha added at the time, “I’m not trying to do this exposé video about every single horrible evil thing that David has done. But I don’t think there should be a YouTuber out there that, like, ruins people’s lives. He messes with people for vlogs, and he provokes people for vlogs, and I don’t think it’s right.”

After Trisha and Jason’s breakup, she separated herself from the Vlog Squad and its members. David has not publicly responded to Trisha’s current TikTok video or past videos. J-14‘s has reached out to David’s team for comment.

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