On Monday, December 23, Trisha Paytas took a stand against internet trolls. The 31-year-old YouTube star shared a series of photos of herself on Instagram where the word “FAT” was painted down her arm and leg in black.

Along with the pictures, the social media star penned meaningful captions like “I [heart] my comments section,” on the first snap. Then added, “How do people see YOU?” on the second photo.

Trisha used the third and final picture and sent a message to all their fans and followers about body positivity.

“You are not fat. You have fat,” she wrote. “You also have fingernails, but you are not fingernails.”

Followers were quick to comment on the photo with super supportive messages. Others thanked her for posting such raw and real images.

“You’re just the way you should be. However you see fit,” one commenter wrote.

Trisha Paytas Covers Herself In The Word 'Fat' To Make Statement Against Nasty Internet Trolls

The YouTuber also gave her fans a behind-the-scenes look at the impromptu photo shoot in her “MY EPIC CHRISTMAS PARTY 2019!!!!! | VLOGMAS DAY 19” video. At first she explained where the idea for these pictures came from before saying that she chooses “fat” because of all the hate comments that trolls often leave on her social media posts.

“I’m doing all the hate comments on my body and basically my biggest hate comment that I get, and you guys probably guessed it, ‘you fat b***h’,” she said. “So we’re painting all that on my arms. Hopefully people get it and understand it. Sometimes I try [to] make a social statement and people miss it, but we’ll see how it goes.”


After the photo shoot, Trisha took viewers along as she prepped for her annual Christmas party. Fans got an inside look at the holiday-themed bash where fellow YouTube stars like Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson were also in attendance.

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