There might be wedding bells in the very near future for Trisha Paytas! On October 25, the YouTube star had fans and followers totally shook when she posted a video to her channel called, “I’m getting MARRIED next week! (actually).” In the video, she revealed her plans to walk down the aisle on Friday, November 1.

“I’m engaged, and it all happened very quickly, so quickly, that we are actually getting married,” she said in the video. “I’m getting married next Friday, November 1. The chapel is booked.”

Trisha Paytas Might Be Getting Married Today


Yep, that’s right, the Vlog Squad member is about to get married to her mystery boyfriend. She went on to break down the reasons why she kept the news a secret for so long saying her husband-to-be is actually someone in the public eye, but just likes to stay more private.

“I didn’t know if I was going to even post about the wedding because I think that everything is better to keep things under wraps, because people ruin things,” she explained. “Not that I’m a super private person, but I’m obviously getting married to someone and they are a little bit more private. As far as they’re known, they’re well known, but they’re just a private person. So even though they’re a public person, they’re private.”

On Thursday, October 31 — one day before her scheduled wedding — Trisha took to social media, posting a note to fans and followers about the upcoming ceremony.

“I’m getting married tomorrow. Holy s**t Good night,” she wrote on Instagram stories.

Trisha Paytas Might Be Getting Married Today

But ever since her big announcement, even her biggest fans are skeptical about the legitimacy of the nuptials. Some are even speculating that she’s just doing this for attention and has plans to marry herself.

“Either marrying yourself or you’ll just come out with a video on why you didn’t get married. Attention seeker,” one Twitter user wrote.

Is this wedding real or just for the views? Only time will tell!

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