Tyler Posey is Mr. Moving On and has found love again. The Teen Wolf star was last linked to Bella Thorne and with a rather confusing aftermath of their public breakup, it seemed like Ty was laying low. He's been promoting the final season of his hit MTV series, will be appearing on The CW show Jane the Virgin and he starred in an upcoming thriller movie, Truth Or Dare along with Lucy Hale and Nolan Funk. So you know v busy. But it looks like he's made time to keep his heart open and is in a new relationship he's staying a bit mum about since it's still in the early stages.

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Speaking to E! News at the Variety Young Hollywood party, he admitted he is off the market again and while he's not really treating it like a secret, he made sure to not drop the name of his leading lady who he met while working on a recent project.

"It's fresh. It's so fresh. It's not like a secret or anything. It's just pretty new….[But] I'm happy," Tyler said. "I really admire her. I think she's extremely talented and a great person. I'm inspired by her a lot, and she intimidates me sometimes, which I'm not really used to. I'm nervous right now talking about it. She's beautiful, really cool, has a lot of the same interests. I could go on about that, too."

Umm, okay now that is just too cute. It's clear Tyler is totally smitten! So who is this mystery girl who's stolen his heart? Well, all signs seem to be pointing to the stunning beauty Sophia Ali, one his co-stars from Truth Or Dare. These two have been spotted hanging out since filming wrapped and well, they look cute AF together so we're hoping she is the one Tyler is raving about.

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He has been known to keep his more recent romances on the low, so it's not all that surprising Tyler isn't being as open about this new relationaship. Before dating Bella and dealing with that whole 'did she cheat on him with Charlie Puth' incident, Tyler dated actress Danielle Campbell, which no one really picked up on until she was dating Louis Tomlinson. An old video of her and Tyler surfaced where the two were kissing and he introduced her as his girlfriend and she was wearing a dress she had been spotted wearing with Louis. This created a bit of confusion and for a minute, everyone thought Danielle might've been caught cheating on Louis with Tyler.

But alas, Danielle and Tyler's romance had long been over and those pics were from 2015, a year before she started dating Louis and hey, a girl can wear an outfit twice. Tyler was engaged prior to any of these relationships to his longtime GF Seana Gorlick, who he had been in love with since he was 12 years old. They broke up in 2014, the same year Tyler's mom passed away. So he's had a tough time in the past for sure and he deserves some happiness. Perhaps this new love is just what he needed, whoever she may be. We're rooting for them.

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