J-14 recently had the chance to chat with singer V. Rose! This talented artist is the latest prodigy from Inpop Records, and her newest record, "Young Dangerous Heart" debuted in the Top 15 on Billboard's Heat Seekers Chart!

V. Rose is not only a singer. She also loves to rap! In addition, she loves beauty products, jewelry, fashion, and makeup.

After dealing with peer pressure and body image insecurity, V. Rose now wants to help girls discover that their true beauty is on the inside.

She says, > "When you find out who you are in the inside you will be more confident on the outside. You will be a bee to show who YOU are instead of the world showing WHO you are."

We asked V to tell us 4 things fans don't know about her. Check it out below!

"I am the only girl of 6 boys and I love to play sports like basketball and boxing because of it.
My first job was at Jack in the Box so I could pay for my own studio time.
Before I was a pop artist, I was a hip hop female rapper! I still rap every now and then!
I write and arrange songs, and play guitar."

Make sure you check out 'Young Dangerous Heart' by V. Rose!

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