Vampire Academy, the Peacock series adapted from Richelle Mead’s YA novels of the same name, premieres on September 15 and we could not be more excited! While the show tells the story of teen vampires attending St. Vladimir’s Academy, some of the cast are *definitely* older than their characters! Keep reading to uncover the Peacock cast’s ages IRL!

The newest adaptation of the fantasy drama comes from Julie Plec — who was behind The Vampire DiariesThe Originals and Legacies — and Marguerite MacIntyre. “Though we have loved Richelle Mead’s wholly original book series since it came out 15 years ago, it has never been more timely,” Julie and Marguerite said in a press release. “A brilliant exploration of an inherently unbalanced class-based society, with pampered Royals on one end, and a Guardian class whose sole purpose is to protect them on the other, as well as an ugly dynastic change on the horizon, it’s a world teetering on the edge.”

Sisi Stringer, who plays Rose Hathaway in the series, talked about the show in an interview with ShowbizJunkies shortly before Vampire Academy‘s release. “So Rose and Lissa (played by Daniela Nieves), basically they’ve been best friends since they were very, very small children. Rose never really had a family that was around, being a dhampir and training to be a guardian.” (By the way, a dhampir is half-vampire, half-human)

“Her parents are … well, her mother is a dhampir as well so she is a guardian – an acting guardian – and is off doing her duty protecting her Moroi. So Rose never really had a mother around. And her father – who even knows where he is at any given point. So Lissa’s family became Rose’s family. They really adopted her. They took her in and Lissa was not just her best friend but her sister and the closest person that she had – and her safety net, really. So that’s where we meet the girls in the story.”

Sisi also explained that her character of Rose is so similar to herself that she sometimes doesn’t know where “Rose finishes and where I begin,” describing Rose as “fiery, passionate, sometimes inappropriate.”

She added, “She’s a fighter and she fights for what she loves and what she believes in. And sometimes it doesn’t always land, and I definitely identify with that myself.”

Scroll through our gallery to uncover the ages of the cast of Vampire Academy.

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