Vanessa Morgan is returning to The CW! The actress is set to star in the crime-drama series Wild Cards, just several months after wrapping up the final season of Riverdale, where she played Toni Topaz for six seasons. Keep reading for everything we know about Wild Cards.

What Is ‘Wild Cards’ About?

Vanessa will be starring alongside Giacomo Gianniotti in the upcoming Canadian-American series — who will also be returning to The CW after previously starring in Reign!

The show follows a demoted detective named Cole Ellis (Giacomo), who meets a scammer named Max Mitchell (Vanessa), that end up solving a local crime together. The two are offered an opportunity for redemption – Ellis needs to get back to his detective post and Max needs to stay out of jail. The catch? They have to work together.

When Will ‘Wild Cards’ Be Released?

Wild Cards is set to premiere on The CW on January 17, 2024.

ICYMI, Vanessa starred in Riverdale for six of its seven seasons, with its final season releasing in August 2023.

“It’s bittersweet,” she told HollywoodLife in August 2022 on leaving behind the show. “I feel like that chapter in my life is closing, but it’s been a long time — six years — and I’m ready for something new. But, I love Toni as though she’s myself. She’s an alter ego. So, I know I’m just going to be bawling my eyes out when it’s actually coming close to the end.”

Vanessa even admitted that she planned to get a tattoo to “honor” her character of Toni Topaz after the final season. “I would probably get a snake if I’m being honest!” she told the outlet. “A snake for the Serpents.”

During an interview with J-14 from August 2022, Vanessa also reflected on how the show changed her life.

“Obviously, I gained such an amazing fan base from the show and such supportive and caring fans,” she began. “But I’ve also just had gained — I wouldn’t say learned much — but like, I gained a lot of new experiences from playing this character. I got to live out and play out, act out a lot of situations that I would’ve never experienced in real life that are so cool. I feel like I’m living two lives by playing Toni. So, if anything that has just contributed to my growth over the years, getting to live this other life.”

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