The end is near, and things are going to be “different.” Vanessa Morgan teases the seventh and final season of Riverdale, revealing to J-14 exclusively that the writers are “gonna end it with a bang.”

“I know the last season we’re doing something really different,” the actress — who plays Toni Topaz on The CW series — says while promoting her partnership with Gold Bond’s My Scar My Story Campaign. “I obviously can’t say what I’ve been told, but I think it’s gonna be just different than any other season.”

The sixth season aired its season finale on Sunday, July 31, and now, fans are gearing up for the final phase of the Riverdale story. When it comes to Vanessa’s Toni specifically, she teases that “there’s a chance” viewers will finally get a look at her family life.

Vanessa Morgan Teases 'Different' Final Season of 'Riverdale': 'They're Gonna End It With a Bang'
The CW

“I don’t know how I’d like her story to come to an end. I think as long as she’s happy, that’s great. I would like it to end with the whole gang together. Not separated. It’d be really beautiful if we’re just like all together,” the actress shares, noting that thinking about it is “emotional” for her. “I don’t know what that looks like. I would love to meet more of my family. So far, we’ve only met a grandmother and a grandfather. Do I have siblings? We’ve never touched on that. Where’s my mom? Where’s my dad? I would love to touch more on that.”

Before the final season announcement was made, Vanessa says the cast had a “gut feeling” that the end was near.

“That’s the length of what we signed on for, so we knew it was coming. But, I guess, actually knowing that it’s the last one going into it, I think is gonna be emotional,” she shares. “But I think it’s gonna be like the last month when we’re filming — I think that’s gonna be like crying, you know, really crying. I know when it’s my last day, I’ll cry a lot.”

For the CW star, she says “saying bye to everybody on set” is going to be way more emotional than watching the final episode.

Vanessa also reflects, before production on the last season starts, on how the show changed her life.

“Obviously, I gained such an amazing fan base from the show and such supportive and caring fans. But I’ve also just had gained — I wouldn’t say learned much — but like, I gained a lot of new experiences from playing this character. I got to live out and play out, act out a lot of situations that I would’ve never experienced in real life that are so cool. I feel like I’m living two lives by playing Toni,” she gushes “So, if anything that has just contributed to my growth over the years, getting to live this other life.”

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