They’re moving out of Riverdale and becoming parents! A few Riverdale stars have welcomed kids of their own throughout the show’s run, which started in 2017.

Vanessa Morgan, for one, is always gushing over son River, whom she welcomed with Michael Kopech in January 2021.

“He’s just so funny. He’s like a little comedian. It’s really funny, he likes pointing out now. Now that he knows my name is Mama to him, he just loves telling everybody, ‘That’s my Mama.’ I find it hilarious,” the actress told J-14 exclusively in July 2022. “He only started doing that a week ago and it just cracks me up. He just loves telling people that’s his mom. He just says, ‘Wow,’ at everything. And that’s also so incredible to me, he’ll look at a wrapping paper and be like, ‘Wow.’ He just always puts a smile on my face.”

Initially, Vanessa had an internal battle when it came to posting photos of River on social media.

“I went through the phase of, ‘I’m never gonna post him.’ Then, I went through, he’s just my life. I wanna share these little snippets. Then sometimes, I’m like, ‘Oh, I’m not gonna post anymore,’” she said at the time. “I go through my phases because he’s just my little precious boy. There are some things that I do like sharing, like our little journey that we’re doing together. So, I think it’s all about balance.”

Months later, KJ Apa became another Riverdale parent. He and Clara Berry welcomed their son, Sasha Vai Keneti, in September 2021.

“I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life, other than the fact that I want to be a father,” the actor revealed to Men’s Health Australia months prior, in April 2021. “It’s a lonely place, this industry. Human interactions are no longer the same for me. I’m searching. I’m searching for genuine relationships with people who genuinely care about me and who I care about, not because of who I am or who they are.”

While these stars don’t always share photos of their kids, there have definitely been glimpses over the years.

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