Let the waterworks commence! Nickelodeon fans, this news is about to break you. Nick on Sunset, the actual building where so many of the network's iconic shows were filmed, is being destroyed. Literally, demolished and smashed into a million pieces only to make room for what we assume to be another building for some other production purpose. Side note: We'd just like to send a message to this new building: you have very large shoes to fill. But, REGARDLESS, that doesn't take away from our heartache. This was where Drake & Josh brought to life the 'Hug Me Brotha!' line. It was where Ariana Grande and Victoria Justice filmed their school lunch scenes on Victorious. And it was also where Amanda Bynes brought us The Amanda Show.

The whole thing is truly devastating. iCarly, Keenan and Kel, All That and Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide were also filmed on this lot. So basically, a piece of your childhood is dying. RIP. Very sad day for the fans, that's for damn sure. However, the fans aren't the only ones who are going to miss this place. Victoria actually took to Twitter to reminisce on some of her favorite memories at the Nick on Sunset building.

She captioned her video tweet, "#NickOnSunset which is where we filmed Victorious is no longer… I had some great times there & will always look back at this place fondly ??. #ThanksForTheMemories #Nostalgia
Do you have any favorite #Victorious memories?"

Seriously, WHY is this happening?! We have yet to see any other members of the Victorious cast reflect on the news, but we have a feeling it's hitting the whole Nickelodeon community pretty hard. The details are still vague about why the building is being torn down. It truly is something that is iconic. Legends have walked in and out of those doors. Not like I have any say in the matter, but, shouldn't they turn this into a museum or something? There are definitely people who would want to walk around there just to ~say~ they've been inside.

Sadly, Nick on Sunset is about to be gone forever whether we like it or not. So, as you continue on with your day, just know that this sacred building is being transformed into a whole lot of nothing. Good-bye, for now, old friend. #crying

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