It's crazy to think that the series finale of Victorious aired several years ago — it feels like we were just watching a new episode of the show last week! While we're definitely still mourning the loss of our favorite Nickelodeon series, we're incredibly proud of the cast. From Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande to Avan Jogia, everyone has made a name for themselves and taken on new and exciting projects.

Since the show ended, the cast has stayed close and continued to support each other throughout their careers. Most recently, they took to social media to express their condolences for Ariana and the victims of the Manchester attacks. It showed the world that just because a show ends doesn't mean the bond between the actors does.

The cast has grown up and gone their separate ways but they still remember the days of Victorious and always will. It's pretty amazing how in a time of need, like in the wake of the Manchester attacks, they showed just how strong their friendship really is.

While things might be different now and they might not be working together, they are still working on their own path and totally thriving. We decided to figure out what they are all up to now and what they have been doing since the show went off the air.

Click through the gallery and check out where the cast of Victorious is now!

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