For devoted Suite Life of Zack and Cody fans, this question is merely one you had during the pilot episode and then never thought about it again. But, for others, it's much more difficult. Who did Dylan Sprouse play on the show? Was he Zack Martin? Or was he Cody Martin? Throughout the series, Dylan was alongside his twin brother, Cole Sprouse, and it was quite hard to tell them apart in real life not to mention their characters. So, after much anticipation, we've decided to once and for all figure out which twin Dylan played and how you can tell them apart on the show. For the record, Dylan played Zack.

While The Suite Life characters, Zack and Cody Martin, were based on the Sprouse twins' real personalities, they are inherently different. Zack is more self-centered, laid back and outgoing than Cody. He is also not as mature as Cody and isn't too great at school. Zack is also kind of a ladies man in the series whereas Cody was the complete opposite, until Suite Life On Deck when Coldy and Bailey were the cutest couple ever.


Was Dylan Sprouse Zack or Cody on The Suite Life?

Now, that we've confirmed that Dylan played the role of Zack in The Suite Life, it's time we figure out how to tell the twins apart. First of all, we should start off by figuring out how to tell Dylan and Cole apart. It's kind of easy, to be honest. Cole has always been a bit taller than Dylan. Not only that but in the later years of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Dylan had a rounder face than Cole. Their body types were also different. Dylan has always been a bit stockier whereas Cole is leaner.


Dylan Sprouse AKA Zack Martin both have beauty marks on their lip.

Dylan, the actor, who played Zack, the character, has a beauty mark above his lip whereas Cole, the actor, and Cody, the character has one on his chin. There's also the fact that Cole's name starts with a 'C' and so does his character, Cody. This might actually be the easiest way to tell them apart.


Regardless of the method you use to figure out who is who, just remember that Dylan played the role of Zack. He will forever go down as the boy who gave life to Zack Martin's girl crazy mind and we loved him for it. The Suite Life wouldn't have been the same without Zack's witty banter and over the top facial expressions. BRB, going to go stream a few episodes now.

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