Cole Sprouse made his television comeback with the role of Jughead on Riverdale and since the last time we saw him on our TV screens every week was back in his Disney Channel days alongside his brother Dylan in the Suite Life shows, this was major. Obviously, everyone wants to know if Cole’s twin will ever make an appearance on the series, and well Dylan just went ahead and made that dream come true for us. Sort of.

The actor was taking the train and while he was waiting for the subway, must’ve stumbled upon a Riverdale poster and of course, he took selfies with each of the characters featured in the poster, letting us know he is now a cast member of the show, which he posted on his Instagram Story.

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The facial expressions are on point.

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And of course, had to throw in a “lol” for us all.

dylan sprouse camila mendes

While we would all literally cry seeing Dylan on TV again with his twin perhaps on Season 2 which is airing now, obviously he’s just joking around. Cole has made it super clear he doesn’t ever want his bro on the show since it just really wouldn’t make sense.

“We’ve had people talk about Souphead, or whatever his name is. That to me is also one of those things that one, I’m hard-pressed to think Dylan would ever say yes to and that I would ever approve of. And two, that wouldn’t break fourth wall,” Cole explained to E News. “We live in this universe where if Dylan came on as an identical twin cousin to Jughead, people would be like, ‘What does this have to do with [the show]?'”

But Dylan is nothing but supportive of his brother’s show which is so oh so cute, although Cole doesn’t make his twin watch it. Like ever.

“He supports the show…. I don’t know if he enjoys it. This kind of programming has never really been our flavor of choice. I don’t really want him to watch anything I do and I don’t really watch anything he’ll do,” Cole explained to Elle. “We have a very easy time separating work and play and I wouldn’t really care less if he watched or if he enjoyed it. I don’t really have an easy time watching myself, so I guess I sort of imprint that upon my friends and family.”

Dylan is set to make his acting comeback too with roles in the upcoming movies Carte Blanche and Dismissed, so you know, he’s keeping busy too. Cole really wants everyone to know though there’s no shot Dylan will ever be on Riverdale, so we’ll just have to settle for Dylan hanging out with the cast to give us the fix we need.

“I wouldn’t want it, Dylan would never do it. A lot of my fans from the Suite Life still come up and say, ‘This would be fun!’ I think it would just be silly. It would be super, super weird and totally not appropriate. I also just don’t think Dylan wants to; to be honest, I wouldn’t want to either. People want to see us on screen together again, and that’s fine. That’s flattering, I guess. But if it’s going to destroy the kind of world that we’ve built [on Riverdale], it’s wildly inappropriate,” Cole said to Glamour.

At least we have all the Zack and Cody memories to look back on, right?

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