We try to follow Cole and Dylan Sprouse on as many platforms as possible, and one of our fave places to low-key stalk is Instagram. Sure, we love watching the Sprouses roast each other on Twitter and Snapchat, which makes us feel like we’re hanging out IRL, but the twins' Insta accounts just remind us that there’s so much beauty in the world. And tbh you can really see how different the Sprouses are when you compare the two main accounts. Let's examine how the Sprouse boys' aesthetic (#sprousethetics) differ!

Sprouse Twin Instagram Bios: @DylanSprouse

dylan sprouse instagram bio

Note the v sultry profile picture of Dylan, shot in black and white. Soak it all in.

As far as the bio itself goes, there's a bit of fun up front when our boy Dylan lists his name as "Dybin Sproo," which is def Sprouse humor at work. Dylan's bio doesn't hesitate to tell us the most important thing about his account: "No photos are permanent." Nothing is permanent. Everything has an end. So existential, Dylan.

Beyond that, he redirects fans to the account for his upcoming business, All-Wise Meadery and gives a plug to Twitch. Pretty straightforward, pretty laid-back, and fairly professional in spite of the "Dybin" joke.

Sprouse Twin Instagram Bios: @ColeSprouse

cole sprouse bear nightmare fuel

That bear(?), tho. We don't exactly know why that little slice of nightmare fuel is Cole's profile picture, but we're here for it. Cole's bio, short as it is, is silly across the board. He tells you to DM your credit card info (don't do it, kids) before redirecting you to @cameraduels, a long on-going battle between Cole and people trying to snap a shot of the former child star. They will never win.

There isn't a touch of seriousness in Cole's account, which is kind of funny given the direction the Sprouse's aesthetics diverge from this point forward.

Sprouse Twins Sample Photo: Dylan

magnus sprouse

Since ~no photo is permanent~ (so deep) we're going to use screenshots of Dylan's Sprousestagrams. When you read this in the very near future, Dylan might have something else up. Right now, tho, he has an adorable shot of Magnus as his featured image, who is a precious angel and such a good boy. Behold his goodness.

magnus sprouse caption

Here you see Dylan captioned the image with, "Son, you have to be the man of the house while I'm in LA." V sharp, and also so cute you feel like your heart will explode and splatter all over the keyboard while you're in the middle of writing a J-14 article. Not every featured image is in this vein, however, it gives you a good sense of who Dylan is, and where his priorities are at…that is, with the sweetest pup of all time.

We love you, Magnus.

Sprouse Twins Sample Photos: Cole

We're going to use a couple of Cole examples here, and it's just because he has more to work with, not because we love him any more than Dylan. Although, like, if we were in a burning building with the Sprouses and could only save one, our love of Riverdale would be a strong consideration when making that executive decision.

A N Y W A Y. About these pics. Cole is actually a legit photographer so his insta is filled with really stunning, lush shots of his friends, family, and the beauty of mother nature or whatever. This shot of Lili Reinhart's (!!!) hair contrasted against the grass confirms two things: 1. That Sprousehart is undoubtedly real and true and 2. That Cole's instagram is arty AF.

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👁 @damon_baker 👁

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It also comes with a healthy dose of narcissism, 'cause there's no shortage of Cole ~glamour shots~ scattered across his account, often simply captioned with the photographer credit (in this case, it's photographer friend Damon Baker).

Are we complaining? Hard no. We live for those Cole pictures, they are the sunshine that lights up our gray mornings. But you can't deny that even though his selfie game is immaculate, it is, well, only a smidgeon self-absorbed in its utter perfection. Such is the nature of our times. Cole, plz do not read this and deprive us of our beautiful visage.

Instagram Tableau: Dylan

dylan tableau

i.e. the nine photo setup that creates a cohesive image for us to all oggle at. This is what Dylan has currently, with Magnus taking up the starring role in that top left corner. So much good happening in that top left corner. The goodest.

Dylan's entire Instagram aesthetic is all about having a very clean, constantly tableau, which is a very classy move that we could never do personally.

Instagram Tableau: Cole

Cole occasionally has a little strip of collages in his photostream, but for the most part he focuses on the overall vividness of his images. Look how insanely crisp all of these shots were, it makes us want to delete every vacation pic we thought was 'grammable. Nothing can compare.

Cole paints with all the colors of the wind, basically.

Bottom line? Dylan seems more minimalist and classic, while Cole goes for artistic and (sorry bb) maybe a little bit extra. But both know how to use a good mix of humor and high-def imagery to create a visually appealing aesthetic, and even if they didn't, they're the Sprouse Twins. We'd follow them anywhere.

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