It's so weird to reminsce on the days when Zack and Cody were just baby sprouts. Now, at 25 years old, the Sprouse twins are all grown up and mega hot, so it's freaky when a throwback of their Little Dutch Girl days ends up in your feed. You may have actually wondered, just exactly how tall are Dylan and Cole Sprouse today?

Short version: Dylan is 5'11'' while Cole skews slightly taller at 6'0''. Can you even believe it?

The thing is, we've been exposed to Dylan and Cole for so long (they've been on our screens since, what, 1993?) that most of us haven't even existed in a world without Sprouse twins. Maybe you've been along for the ride since their Big Daddy days. Or you only caught their Suite Life on Deck days (but missed the OG series). Maybe you're that segment of the Riverdale fandom that only latched onto Cole super hard this past year and just found out he had a twin, like, in this article. No matter what your level of Sprouse love is, you probably haven't paid enough attention to appreciate just how small they were when they first got into television. And yes, they were kids, but when you compare them to their Disney fam members and current co-workers it's especially funny.

So let's take a moment to honor the growth of Cole Sprouse, and his brother, Green Mario.

In their early days as Disney Channel sweethearts, every other starlet had height on them.

ashley tisdale

Ashley Tisdale is barely 5'3'', and look how much higher she is than the little Sprouses!

Seriously, the Sprouses were shorter than all of the girls in the Disney fam.

miley cyrus taller

There's Dylan's former girlfriend (of a day) Miley Cyrus standing tall above the boys.

Eventually they sorted started to catch up with their more petite peers.

selena gomez taller

It is plausible that the only 5'5'' Selena Gomez is wearing heels here, but the Sprouses are at least gaining the advantage over 5'2'' Brenda Song.

Here it's clear that Dylan and Cole are starting to surpass their female friends.

cole and dylan catching up

I mean, Debby Ryan still seems to be Dylan's height, maybe it's a trick of the eye?

Then the Sprouses really started becoming seriously taller.

sprouse bbs taller

Now is where we start to see a difference.

By the series' end, they've grown respectably.

cole is taller than london

Look how much shorter London is! Between the first episode of Suite Life and the last episode of Suite Life on Deck, the boys grew about ten inches!

By 2011, the NYU boys were definitively taller when they returned to Disney for So Random!

college boys sprouse twins

We're beaming with pride!

They were obviously holding rank against the Next Gen of Disney kids.

bella cole dyland

They made Bella Thorne look super teensy, although this was way before she became all legs.

And then they started to hit the red carpet looking matured and fiiiiine.

sprouse height difference

At the Palo Alto premiere, the Sprouse boys are definitely looking like Sprouse men…and you can really see that slight height difference between Cole and Dylan.

They've long surpassed Ashley, and she's in awe of them!

ashley tisdale

"My little brothers have grown into such smart, talented, and genuinely great people," she wrote on Instagram. Aw!

They're even bigger than Mr. Moseby now!

dylan and cole mr. moesby

And it looks as though he's chilled out a lot ever since he left Tipton Hotel.

And these days Cole is casting a shadow on his Riverdale castmates.

riverdale cole

He's always the tallest in the line-up.

Seriously, the only other one who even comes close is KJ Apa.

cole riverdale lin-up

And technically KJ is only 5'11!

I mean he towers over longtime bud Camila Mendes.

camila and cole

And has a few inches on rumored girlfriend Lili Reinhart.

Oh, and Dylan is taller, too.

dylan taller

Way to go, bbs!

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