Dylan and Cole Sprouse both decided after years being on two Disney Channel shows, it was time to take a break. The brothers attended New York University and during their years in college, they lived rather normal lives, not taking any major acting jobs and really focusing on school. They graduated in 2015 and of course, everyone wanted to know if this meant they were ready to make their big TV and movie comeback.

cole and dylan graduation

Well lucky for us, Cole ended up snagging the role of Jughead Jones in the show pretty much everyone is obsessed with Riverdale so we were finally back to weekly doses of Cole in our lives. Dylan, on the other hand, decided to focus on opening up his very own Brooklyn-based business, All-Wise Meadery. But alas, he has decided to make his acting comeback after all and is starring in the indie project, Carte Blanche. Both Sprouse bros acting again? WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE. But you probably want to know how Cole reacted to this major update too, right? In typical Cole fashion, he came back with the most savage reaction ever. He took to Twitter to let Dylan know that he really wants Dyl to return his white t-shirts.

cole dylan reaction tweet

This. Is. Amazing. And it doesn't stop there. Dylan answered of course and well, he confessed he doesn't ever actually wear the shirts he borrows from Cole but uses them for bathroom purposes.

These two are legit on another level. Seriously, no one can roast the Sprouse brothers better than they can. It's all part of the reason why they will forever be so beloved to many of us and knowing they're both back in the acting means all is right in the world. Plus, more public Twitter roasts will for sure be coming our way and what's better than that?

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