Ever since they starred in Disney Channel’s Suite Life of Zack and Cody together, Dylan and Cole Sprouse have been one of our all time favorite duos. Now, the Riverdale star is opening up about growing up in the spotlight with his twin brother, and it definitely had its ups and its downs.

“Having an identical twin next to me going through the same exact experiences in a very similar way with a very similar point of view is therapeutic,” he told Variety Magazine. “When you’re a child actor you’re a minor, and so a lot of the larger business decisions that are controlling your career are done outside of your own agency. One of the dangers of, at least, my position, which was a sitcom inside of a sound stage for nine years with Disney Channel, you’re raised in such an insular environment that you forget what real human experience or boots on the ground actually looks like.”

But the 27-year-old admitted that there were also some negative aspects of working with your twin brother.

“I also had the luxury of being identified as a duo for a long time because of my brother,” he continued. “I think a lot of people thought that my brother and I had only ever shared roles or done roles side by side when we were kids. But we did a lot of roles separately when we were kids.”

As fans know, although they appeared in a bunch of TV shows and movies together (like Big Daddy, Grace Under Fire and more!), they also acted in some on their own. Cole starred in the NBC show Friends, while Dylan appeared in the movie Born Killers.

Cole Sprouse Growing Up With Dylan

And although Cole loved working with his brother, he explained that as they got older, he felt he needed to do things on his own in order to be recognized as an individual.

“It was inevitable that my brother and I eventually decided to pursue different parts in the industry and pursue different careers. I think he and I don’t really look too similar anymore so we can’t really do the whole kitschy twin thing. I also think it’s a little embarrassing when people do that at my age,” the former Disney star said, adding that stepping away from the industry to attend college really helped him form is own path. “When I separated and sort of did my own thing, I wasn’t as easily recognized.”

As fans know, both of the stars have accomplished a lot since their time on the Disney Channel series. Cole went on to play Jughead in Riverdale, and he recently starred in the movie Five Feet Apart. As for Dylan, he just announced that he’s going to star in the sequel to After, the Harry Styles-inspired flick, called, After We Collided. And although they’re busy doing their own things, Cole told the outlet that he talks to his brother “at least once a day.”

We are seriously living for their relationship.

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