Selenators were frightened this morning when they say #PrayForSelena was trending on Twitter, with rumors circulating that Selena Gomez had been rushed to the hospital. The rumors came just days after the singer announced she would be taking time off and canceling the rest of her tour due to complications from her previous lupus diagnosis, which is why fans were so worried.

Madison Gage, who is reportedly Sel's cousin, quickly denied the claim saying it was all a rumor and that she had never said this was true.

A fan direct messaged Madison asking her about Selena's condition and she replied saying, "I don't want to talk about any of this if you don't mind, I just don't want anymore [rumors] spread. If you could tell people who've been talking about it that it's not true and it's just a rumor that would make me very happy. Thank you."

We are glad this was just a rumor and hope that Selena is getting the rest she deserves.

We will keep you updated as we hear more about the status of her health but in the meantime write her a sweet message in the comments!

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