We still have nearly two months to wait until the season 2 premiere of Riverdale, and if that feels like an eternity to you, we highly suggest following the cast on Snapchat! Sure, it’s no real substitute to the show, but seeing silly selfies of Cole Sprouse on a daily basis definitely helps ease the pain.

In an attempt to help a fellow fangirl out, we pulled a total Bughead and did some serious investigative journalism. After all, not every celeb slaps all their info into their Twitter bio (though Ashleigh Murray definitely did). Actually, most of the Riverdale stars have pretty unhelpful bios (Madelaine Petsch‘s literally says, “World’s worst texter”) — although some are pretty great (“I take as many naps as I can,” Lili Reinhart write and, like, same).

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Once we found everyone’s Snapchat names, though, we knew we had to share the wealth. Because the Riverdale fandom is all about the love, you guys. Unfortunately, a couple Riverdale cast members don’t have Snapchat. Neither Camila Mendes nor Casey Cott have accounts to speak of (or at least not ones they’re willing to share with fans). Ross Butler does have a SC — and it’s pretty amazing, you can follow him at rossbutler — but he’s no longer a member of the Riverdale cast.

We did manage to dig up accounts for Cole, Lili, Madelaine, Ashleigh, KJ Apa, Hayley Law, and Caitlin Markovitch — and they’re basically gold mines. They’ve got selfies, fun filters, and shots of each other goofing around galore. And though Camila and Casey aren’t posting anything themselves, they’re in plenty of shots with their castmates and friends. (Plus, you can always find them on Instagram.)

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So what are you waiting for? Start snapping away! You never know who might just Snap you back — and at the very least you’ll get to follow along with their awesome stories.

Scroll through the gallery to see who’s on Snapchat in the Riverdale cast.

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