School is so close to being out that you’re probably spending class daydreaming about all the summer concerts you’ll be attending. Whether you’re catching an acoustic-heavy set with Ed Sheeran, planning on getting loud with Lorde, or watching Camila Cabello go solo, you’ll want to be prepared. And whatever your pop music preference is, you may be wondering what to bring to a summer concert. Don’t worry, we have a few simple things every fangirl needs to ensure their concert experience goes on without a social faux pas or fainting.

Ok, without a lot of fainting.

Fangirl guide summer essentials

  1. Sharpies: If you plan to stalk out—we mean, wait politely outside the venue when the night is over — you don’t want to be caught without something to write with. Grab a Sharpie before you go so you can get a sweet sig on your arm, and then never wash that arm again.

  2. Signature Sunglasses: If you’re at an outdoor concert that starts on one of those endless summer nights, it would be absolutely devastating if some sunset glare keeps you from seeing the stage. Grab something that has both UVA protection and a little bit of flair…so maybe you’ll grab a compliment from the cutie next to you.

  3. Comfy, cute, shoes with a bit of a lift: If you’re on the teensier side, craning your neck over the crowd will be hard enough, so while cute functional shoes is key, an extra inch or two may also help you out. Sandals are fine, too, we just feel like it may be an open invite to get your toes stepped on.

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  1. Water: Real talk: a lot of arenas won’t allow you to bring outside drinks into the venue, so always double-check regulations first. Other venues will allow water if it’s in a sealed bottle, and you should be hydrating often so you can stay healthy and scream those lyrics loud and clear with the crowd.
  1. Sunscreen: It’s so easily to get careless about your skin when you’re having fun, so make sure to pack some sunscreen so you don’t end up looking like a lobster if you run into Shawn Mendes backstage.

  2. Lip Gloss: There is a very real chance that you may sweat off the rest of your make-up when you’re dancing, and we wouldn’t recommend reapplying your eyeliner in a crowd of excitable thousands. You can, however, touch up your lips so you can still look amaze in your Snapchats.

  3. Portable charger: Do not, we repeat, do not go to a concert without a fully charged phone, and a portable charger just in case. If you by some miracle catch Justin Bieber in a selfie-friendly mood opportunity and your iPhone is dead, you will never forgive yourself

  4. A cute mini-backpack to carry it all:! A small-ish purse totally works too, we just prefer to have all of our stuff on our back and out of the way.

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