It’s hard to imagine that Liam Payne has time for much of anything, especially since he and Cheryl Cole are surely occupied with their still unnamed son, who they welcomed into the world a few weeks ago.

Of course, we can’t forget that the couple is also rumored to be planning a small wedding ceremony as well, so to hear that the One Direction singer has somehow found a way to release his first single as a solo artist is pretty amazing.

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The fact that Liam is working on his own music isn’t a shock, especially considering the singer shared numerous pictures of himself in the studio hard at work before his little bundle of joy arrived.

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The surprising bit of this information is that the song could be hitting airwaves in just a matter of weeks!

A source spoke out to Page Six about Liam’s first single and admitted, “He should have a new single out in May.”

Yup, there seems to a trend with the 1D guys. If fans remember correctly, Harry Styles formally announced the release of his first single days after Liam had shared with his fans on social media that he had finally become a father.

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Though there’s no word if he’s going to take a cue from his former bandmate and make an official announcement regarding the song in a commercial, Liam will be the last of the guys to release solo music.

This news is bittersweet, seeing as a One Direction reunion seems to be slipping further away from fans — at least for now. The exciting bit of Payno’s solo music is that fans will finally hear his new sound, which is rumored to have an R&B vibe to it.

We’ll just have to keep and ear out and see if Liam makes any formal announcements within the next couple of weeks.

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