OK, Liam Payne. We have about one million questions for the singer, after he posted an Instagram pic that sent the entire One Direction fandom into total freakout mode. And now, we’re all thinking maybe – just maybe – a reunion will be coming much sooner than we thought, and everyone is losing their minds. So what was it that sent Directioners into overdrive? 

Well, Payno took to his IG to share a throwback shot of himself and his 1D brothers Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Harry Styles – and yes, even Zayn Malik – from their “What Makes You Beautiful” music video. In the caption, he cryptically wrote, “1,000 days.”

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1000 days

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And that was it. No follow-up details or explanation from Liam! Naturally, everyone’s first reaction was to think he was telling us it’ll be another 1,000 days until the band reunites. That is another nearly three years – so not ideal. But hey, would be a definite time stamp, right? Wishful thinking. See, what it really meant was that it’s been 1,000 days without One Direction formally being together. That’s how long it’s been since the boys went on their official hiatus. So yeah, now we’re all even more emotional realizing it’s been that long – and knowing that Liam was thinking about it, too.

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Liam got us even more in our feels when the 25-year-old “Strip That Down” singer created two Spotify playlists, one called 23:55 and 11:55 that each feature songs from his former bandmates. On 23:55, you’ll hear Zayn’s song “Still Got Time” and Louis’ jam “Just Hold On.” And on 11:55, you’ll hear Niall’s “Slow Hands” and Harry’s tune “Sweet Creature.” 

Liam really is so proud of the lads and the music they’ve each created! Each of the guys has promised they have every intention of getting the group back together. Although, a timeline as to when this will happen remains unclear. They’re all cranking out solo music, heading out on their own tours, starring in movies and working on TV, and some even became dads. So 5/5 (yes, we’re including Z here since Liam did and he’s 1D fam always) are keeping busy and still very much on their fans’ minds. They’re not going anywhere and eventually, they’ll get back to working together again. Now, let us really enjoy a trip down memory lane when Louis once commemorated how it was 1,000 days of the band being together.

AND THE TEARS STREAM DOWN MY FACE. Time to fire up 1D’s entire discography now. 

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