We’ll never forget I.O.I! The K-pop girl group was the first to be formed through Mnet’s now-highly-successful Produce 101 show. Originally airing in 2016, the show centered on 101 potential K-pop girl group trainees competed against one another in order to debut with the 11-member final lineup. The group was active for only one year until disbanding, but the girls are all super-successful in their own right! Keep reading to see what the former I.O.I members are up to now. 

Who Was I.O.I.?

After competing in Produce 101, the final lineup consisted of 11 members: Somi, Sejeong, Yoojung, Chungha, Sohye, Kyulkyung, Chaeyeon, Doyeon, Mina, Nayoung and Yeonjung.

Multiple members of I.O.I were pretty well known prior to Produce 101. Sejeong was a contestant on competition show K-pop Star 2 in 2012, Somi was a member of the 2015 reality survival show Sixteen and Yoojung appeared in the web drama To Be Continued. Chaeyeon actually debuted in another girl group, DIA, in 2015, but temporarily withdrew from the group to join Produce 101. She also had a cameo appearance in the 2015 web drama Sweet Temptation.

Following the competition, I.O.I. debuted on May 4, 2016, with the EP Chrysalis and actively promoted as a whole, and as a subunit, for less than a year. One of their biggest hits was for their October 2016 single “Very Very Very.” However, the girls officially disbanded in January 2017 and returned to their respective music agencies.

What Happened to I.O.I Members?

After I.O.I, most of the members debuted in different girl groups. Members Nayoung and Kyulkyung joined Pristin, Sejeung and Mina joined gugudan, Yoojung and Doyeon joined Weki Meki, Chayeon returned to DIA and Yeonjung debuted as the main vocalist and maknae of Cosmic Girls (WJSN) in 2016. Sohye established her one-man company S&P Entertainment, and launched her own acting career.

As for Somi and Chungha, the two former I.O.I members both debuted as solo artists and are both doing *very very very* well in their respective careers.

Click through our gallery to uncover exactly what the former I.O.I members are up to since disbanding in 2017.

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