What in the world is Harry Styles doing now?

Ever since One Direction went on hiatus, all the boys have gone their separate ways. Of course, they’ve made it a point to reassure fans that they are still besties, but it’s clear that they have different ideas when it comes to their professional careers at the moment.

The band went on hiatus around the end of 2015 and beginning of 2016. Since then, Louis Tomlinson has become a father, put out new music with Steve Aoki and coped with the death of his mother. Niall Horan dropped a solo single, gotten more involved with the golf world and dyed his hair back to brown. And of course, Liam Payne has been super quiet about the impending birth of his first child with girlfriend Cheryl Cole.

But, what has Harry been up to? Now that it’s over a year since the 1D hiatus, fans are convinced they would have already heard his solo music by now if he had any.

We’ve compiled a list of everything notable that Hazza has done since the band took an infamous break and it’s way more than you might think he’s been up to!

Harry was spotted with Kendall Jenner over the holidays.

It was just after the hiatus was announced that Harry and Kendall took a trip together around New Year’s Eve in 2016. The sneaky paparazzi caught the two snuggling, kissing and canoodling while getting some serious rays. Were they back together? No one was quite sure until Kendall’s sister, Khloe Kardashian, said she thought they were boyfriend and girlfriend. Greatest news ever until Hendall weren’t seen again together after their romantic holiday!

harry kendall 1

Harry had his hair completely chopped off.

There were rumors that Harry was going to have a role in a movie and that he was going to have to cut his hair for it. Well, before he was ever even spotted on set, the British crooner posted this photo on Instagram with the caption, “Whoops.” Obviously, the entire fandom went crazy over it. However, Hazza went months without letting anyone see his new ‘do. No really, Harry actually wore hats wherever he went and wouldn’t take them off.

harry haircut

Harry was spotted on set of Dunkirk.

This was one of the first images of Harry on set and in character for the Christopher Nolan war movie Dunkirk. He’s rocking his short hair and in costume. It was official, Harry was about to become an actor in a major feature film. At this point, fans had no idea if solo music would ever come from him.

harry on dunkirk

Harry wrote a song for Michael Bublé with Meghan Trainor.

Harry teamed up with Meghan and actually wrote a song for Michael Bublé. However, she revealed that the song was supposed to be a duet between the both of them. While that would have been great, Meghan went on to say that Harry’s management was probably working on his own album so they weren’t into the idea.

She explained, “I don’t know. Harry’s team, they’re just probably working on his album now. I mean my management is his management, so it’s a little awkward and sweaty and he’s watching this right now but yeah.” Cue, freak out.

harry styles meghan trainor

Harry modeled for Another Man magazine.

Harry did an extensive photo shoot and interview for Another Man magazine. This was his first artistic shoot without the rest of the 1D boys and he totally nailed it. It was an edgy, sort of throwback shoot but it really suited his new vibe. Not only that but he also revealed that he was officially in the studio.

The U.K. cutie said, “I’m enjoying being in the studio and doing this movie and I’m not too bothered about going on vacation. I feel pretty luck right now. I feel good about everything that happened with the band, I have no complaints or regrets.”

harry another man shoot

Harry played his solo music for Ed Sheeran.

FINALLY, there are some answers about Harry’s new music and it was all because Ed spilled them over a Q&A with his fans. He said he HAS heard Harry’s tunes and they are great. While the world is still unsure of when it will all be released, there’s also been rumors that Harry is collaborating with Bruno Mars and Max Martin.

Talk about epic!

harry styles ed sheeran

Only time will tell if he decides to release this music or not. One thing is for sure, since the hiatus Harry has not strayed away from the ladies, he’s been taking time for himself and he’s gearing up to shock us all with his performance in Dunkirk. Whether or not he has music to show for his time off as well, would just be an added surprise.

It seems like Harry has been keeping himself busy with lots of other projects!


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