Never forget Nevel. Nickelodeon‘s iCarly gave us so many iconic references throughout its six seasons — from spaghetti tacos to butter socks and of course, the icon that is Nevel Papperman. So, what happened to the actor who helped us all learn what the word “rue” is? Keep reading to see what Reed Alexander is up to now.

Who Is Reed Alexander?

Reed played a recurring character named Nevel in iCarly, a series which ran from 2007 to 2012. His character was introduced as the owner of, a web critic, first appearing in an episode from season 1 titled iNevel. After he kisses Carly (played by Miranda Cosgrove), completely unwarranted, she tells his mother who punishes Nevel. This leads to the web critic saying his infamous line to Carly: “You will RUE the day!”

Following his first appearance in the show, he appeared multiple other times as one of iCarly‘s main antagonists.

“I remember getting the call,” Reed told Miami New Times in February 2022, on first booking the role as Nevel. He was so right for the role he landed Nevel without auditioning in person. “You don’t often book jobs from the tape, but I did.”

Nevel came easy to Reed, as he explained they were pretty similar. He told the outlet, “Growing up, I was very cerebral. I was an avid reader, I was very interested in culture, and I did dress very formally. In those respects, Nevel and I have things in common.”

What Is Reed Alexander Up to Now?

Reed has moved on from the acting world and is currently a financial news reporter for Insider and covers Wall Street and investment banking.

Right after iCarly and its spinoff series Sam & Cat ended, which Reed also starred in, he went on to New York University for his undergraduate degree and then Columbia for his masters to pursue journalism.

He explained that as he fell in love with the news, he was falling out of love with acting.

“I finally felt it wasn’t enjoyable anymore when I was more interested in journalism,” he told Miami New Times. “Even at 17 or 18, my decision to walk away from it made me question, ‘Well, who am I if not an actor?’ I think just having the courage to leave situations is something a lot of people don’t have.”

Reed made a cameo in season 3 of iCarly‘s Paramount+ reboot series, which premiered in June 2023. He reprised his role as Nevel in episode 5, where he pretends to be Carly using AI.

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