After finding out about VERIVERY, you’ll be very, very glad you did. The K-pop boy group is known for their wide-ranging music, stellar dance moves and overrall performance. Keep reading for everything we know about 7-member group.


VERIVERY hit the K-pop scene in early 2019 with their feel-good pop single “Ring Ring Ring.” The band, which was created by South Korean agency Jellyfish Entertainment, consists of members DONGHEON, HOYOUNG, MINCHAN, GYEHYEON, YEONHO, YONGSEUNG and KANGMIN.

VERIVERY stands for “VERI,” which means “truth’ in Latin, and “VERY” as in “very” or “really” in English. Meaning that, VERIVERY is a group passionate about sharing their sincerity and authenticity to fans.

Since their debut, the group has experimented with a variety of sound, from ’90s nostalgia in “From Now” to their EDM-inspired track, “Lay Back.” In 2022, the group garnered their first-ever No.1 on South Korea’s highly competitive music chart program Show Champion with their song “Tap Tap” — which is a huge milestone in the K-pop world.

“It took us 1,415 days to reach where we are at right now,” the group shared in a joint statement to Billboard just moments after securing the win. “Looking back on that journey, it may seem like we’ve come full circle, but we think that viewing the win as a new start is much more important. We want to thank all the fans who have constantly pushed us to stride forward and do better through their love and support, and taking that into account we think it’s more fitting to view it as a fresh start so that we can begin paying back all those who have cheered us on by working even harder. Thank you to everyone who have made this possible.”

The group released their first full-length album Series ‘O’ Round 3: Whole in April 2022.

“I’m hoping that this album is able to provide a different experience as ‘Tap Tap’ is a song that keeps you bouncing even in the winter,” DONGHEON, leader and eldest of the group, told Billboard in November 2022. “It’s a brighter, happier version of VERIVERY that people haven’t been seen in a while, so I hope the song leads to more opportunities for everyone to laugh a little more.”

Following their successful single “Tap Tap,” VERIVERY is set to make their first comeback of 2023 with their seventh mini album, titled Liminality – EP Dream on May 16, 2023.

“VERIVERY’s back with [Liminality – EP.LOVE],” DONGHEON shared in a press release. “It’s been a while since our debut to present our fresh side, so we have filled our full brightness in all elements of our title track ‘Tap Tap’ including its lyrics and music video. Please give it lots of love.”

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