Don’t miss out on NMIXX! The K-pop girl group is the newest band to debut under JYP Entertainment, and they have an incredibly unique sound to them. Keep reading for everything we know about the 6-member group.

Who Are NMIXX?

NMIXX debuted with their song “O.O” in February 22, 2023. Consisting of LilySullyoonHaewonJiwooKyujin and BAE, member Jinni left the group in December 2022.

The girls are known for their impressive vocals, colorful music videos and experimental sound — which they call “MIXX POP.” In fact, their unique sound caused quite the stir online after their debut, as many listeners thought their music was incoherent at first. However, after the girls dropped “DICE” a few months later, fans warmed up to their mashup music concept.

“As more fans listen to NMIXX’s MIXX POP and seeing them adapting to MIXX POP ensures me that we are doing a good job,” Haewon told Elle Magazine in November 2022.

The girls are fully aware how polarizing their music can be, but that’s also why they believe it can be as equally addicting.

“A lot of things at the start can be difficult to get into but once you get used to it, people, I feel like, can start loving it,” Lily told Dazed. “So even though it was a little hard to see such negative reactions, I have hope that people will come to like MIXX POP.”

Vocalist Sullyoon summed it up: “If you just listen to our songs five times, you can get addicted.”

Why Did Jinni Leave NMIXX?

Jinni’s sudden split from the rookie girl group was announced on December 9, 2022, in a statement from JYP, per Soompi, which said that she was leaving “due to personal circumstances.” It also confirmed that “her exclusive contract has been terminated” and that NMIXX would carry out all future activities as a six-member group. Before her departure, Jinni was known as the “center” of the band, which meant she was focal in NMIXX’s choreography, visuals and performance.

“We ask that you give lots of encouragement to Jinni, who will be walking a new path,” the statement read. “And we also ask that NSWER [NMIXX’s fans] give their warm support to the six members who will continue to grow and race towards their dreams.”

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