Warning: spoilers ahead. Wednesday premiered on November 23, 2022, giving viewers a new rendition of the iconic character from The Addams Family franchise, Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega). The eight-episode series asks questions about a teenaged Wednesday, how she interacts with people and how she forms friendships, while also adding in supernatural elements, psychic abilities and a school for outcasts called Nevermore Academy.

Throughout Wednesday’s eight episodes, Wednesday puts on her detective hat after a series of murders takes place, unearthing a decades-long scandal at Nevermore involving Gomez Addams. She soon discovers that the murderer isn’t human after all, but a monster known as the ‘Hyde.’ Keep reading to uncover which character plays the Hyde, why they went on a murderous spree and their connection to Wednesday.

Who Is The Hyde Monster in ‘Wednesday’?

It is revealed in episode 7 that the Hyde monster is being manipulated by another party. Therefore, there are technically two people behind this monster: Tyler Galpin (played by Hunter Doohan) who is the actual monster, and Marilyn Churchill a.k.a Laurel Gates (played by Christina Ricci) who is manipulating him.

Tyler, who was Wednesday’s love interest throughout the show, is first revealed as the Hyde in episode 7, after Wednesday has a vision of him as the monster when he kisses her. As Wednesday puts it, “Of course the first boy I kiss would turn out to be a psychotic, serial killing, monster. I guess I have a type.”

It isn’t until the final episode that we realize who is controlling him: Laurel Gates herself. Laurel went by the name Marilyn Churchill, the first “normie” professor at Nevermore Academy who taught botany.

For some more context: Laurel/Marilyn is part of the Gates family, who all died tragically one right after the other following the murder of her brother Garrett Gates in the 1990s. Garrett was under the influence of drugs given to him by his father with directions to kill students at the academy, until he was murdered by Morticia Addams. However, Gomez Addams took the blame in place of his girlfriend.

Some of Laurel and Tyler’s murder victims are Nevermore student Rowan Laslow, psychiatrist Valarie Kinbott, Mayor Walker and Principal Weems (you will be missed, Gwendoline Christie). Several others are attacked such as Nevermore students Eugene Hittinger and Xavier Thorpe.

Why Did the Hyde Monster Go On a Murderous Spree?

Great question! Firstly, Tyler’s mother was also a Hyde monster, but she died years prior which left him never quite the same. He becomes spiteful towards his father, Sheriff Galpin, and quite literally becomes a homicidal maniac (they look just like us). “You know,” he tells Wednesday, “At first, I’d wake up naked, covered in blood, no idea what happened. But over time, I started to remember everything. The sound of their screams, the panic in their eyes, and a fear so primal I could taste it. And it was delicious.”

Whereas Tyler was a real monster, Lauren/Marilyn was a monster of revenge. She wanted to take revenge on all of the outcast students at Nevermore, who she blamed for the death of her brother and family. Oh, and she wanted to resurrect her direct descendant and the town’s founder Joseph Crackstone to help her on her murderous parade.

… All of this to say, Christina Ricci, who played Wednesday Addams in 1991, did in fact try to kill modern-day Wednesday Addams.

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