Throughout Billie Eilish‘s skyrocketing rise to fame, she often credits her family for keeping her grounded, as well as her lifelong friend, Zoe Donahoe. So, who exactly is the Grammy-winning singer’s childhood BFF? Keep reading to learn more about Zoe.

How Did Billie Eilish and Zoe Donahoe Meet?

Billie and Zoe’s friendship dates all the way back to their early childhood, as the two met when they were only 5 years old. Attending the same school in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, the BFFs also participated in many of the same activities and sports together, including dance.

As Billie began to pursue her wildly successful career in music, Zoe has become one of her biggest supporters.

During a vulnerable interview with Rolling Stone from April 2024, Billie spoke about a depressive episode she had in the summer of 2023, and credited Zoe and her family for keeping her afloat.

“It was just realer than it’s ever been before,” she said of her mental health at the time. “My whole life, I’ve never been a happy person, really. I’ve been a joyous person, but not a happy person. I experience joy and laughter and I can find fun in things, but I’m a depressed person. I’ve suffered with a lot of depression my whole life. When things happen in my soul, or whatever, the thing I’ve always held on to is ‘Well, it’ll pass. It’ll come in waves and it’ll get worse and it’ll get better.’ And that’s always brought me comfort. And this time, I literally was like, ‘I don’t care. I don’t even want it to get better.’”

Who Is Zoe Donahoe?

Zoe, 23, was born in June 28, 2000, making her a Cancer. Growing up in and around Los Angeles, Zoe found love in photography, and often posts her work on Instagram — which include photos of Billie as well as Camila Cabello.

As for her hobbies, she’s also a fan of roller derby, as she used to play with the Angel City Junior Derby in Los Angeles.

Following Billie’s second Oscar win, she made a tribute to her bestie via Instagram, writing, “my best friend won her second oscar on sunday and i had the absolute honor of taking bts pics of the night. i’m so so proud of her and in constant awe of her talent and hard work. I LOVE THIS GIRL SO MUCH THERE ARENT EVEN WORDS I JUST AM FULL OF LOVE FOR YOU BILLIE.”

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