Celebrities, they get ghosted just like us! From Billie Eilish to Taylor Swift, several stars have opened up about being left on read. Keep reading for a list of relatable A-Listers.

We’ll start with Billie, who spoke about her ghosting experience in a pretty dramatic retelling.

While speaking on a June 2024 episode of the BBC podcast “Miss Me?” Billie told hosts that she’s “been ghosted for sure.”

“I had a crazy ghosting happen actually this December. It was insane,” Billie  — who has had low-key romances with rapper Brandon “Q” Adams, actor Matthew Tyler Vorce, and The Neighbourhood frontman Jesse Rutherford over the years — said.

“Probably the craziest one that’s ever happened to me,” she continued. “I was like, ‘Did you die? Did you literally die?'”

“It was somebody that I’d also known for years and had a plan, day of, on the phone, making a plan, this is my address, be there at 3 — never heard from him again. Ever. I couldn’t believe it,” she continued. “I was like, ‘What a f–king little pathetic man. What a tiny little man,'” she went on, adding: “It was literally unbelievable. To this day, never texted me again.”

“I did see that he was dating someone,” she continued. “And I was like, ‘Oh’. I didn’t know people still did that. I genuinely didn’t know people did that.”

While some fans immediately pointed out to her most recent ex, it’s unlikely as she had nothing but kind things to say about him to Rolling Stone in an unpublished excerpt from her recent cover story.

“That’s my guy, truly one of my favorite people in the world,” she told the outlet in May 2024.

Funny that Billie used the word “little pathetic man” to describe her ghost, as it’s rumored that Taylor Swift hinted that Matty Healy ghosted her in the song “The Smallest Boy Who Ever Lived” from her album The Tortured Poets Department, which was released in April 2024.

“Was any of it true?/ Gazing at me starry-eyed/ In your Jehovah’s Witness suit,” Taylor sings, seemingly referencing the black suits The 1975 lead singer is known to wear during his concerts. “You tried to buy some pills/ From a friend of friends of mine/ They just ghosted you/ Now you know what it feels like.”

After listening to the “ghosted” line, fans immediately started to speculate that the British singer may have left the American pop star on read. Crazier things have happened — and she’s not alone. Scroll through our gallery to uncover other celebrities who got ghosted.

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