Do you remember where you were when you first found out that it wasn’t actually Zac Efron singing in the first High School Musical movie? It was a legendary moment when the news broke and fans found out that it was actually Drew Seeley‘s voice that had serenaded Gabriella on stage.

Way back in the day when the HSM stars were first working on the 2006 flick, Zac was having trouble hitting some of the high notes in his songs. They were just out of range for the actor, and so Drew stepped in to help out. Other than a few lines here and there, it’s actually Drew’s voice you hear throughout the movie.

Want to know what Drew’s been up to since? Check out this video to hear more about his other projects.

By the second and third films, Zac was singing his own songs (it didn’t hurt that they’d now been written with his voice in mind), but Drew wasn’t ready to say goodbye to the role of Troy just yet. When the rest of the cast embarked on their High School Musical concert tour, Zac was busy filming his movie Hairspray — so Drew took on the role he already knew so well.

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If you already knew all of that, here’s something we bet you didn’t know: Drew didn’t just sing “Get’cha Head In the Game.” He also helped write the track. The song was even nominated for a Primetime Emmy! It didn’t win, but all that awesome work did help to jumpstart Drew’s career.

“I did the whole struggling actor thing and lucked into being in the right place at the right time and getting involved in the first High School Musical,” Drew told back in 2009. Getting to go on tour in Zac’s place was even luckier. “It was insane! It was absolutely ridiculous.”

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Since then, Drew’s had his fair share of movie roles, TV appearances, Broadway debuts, and solo music. We’ve just been lucky enough to be fans the whole way through.

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