Wong Yuk-hei, known mononymously as Lucas, is officially bidding farewell to K-pop groups NCT and WayV. The K-pop star announced his departure via Instagram on May 10, 2023, following multiple controversies that involve the singer. Keep reading for everything we know.

Did Lucas Leave NCT?

Lucas officially left NCT and WayV in May, confirming his departure via Instagram post.

“After much deliberation and reflection, I have made the difficult decision to part ways with the group NCT and WayV,” he wrote. “I sincerely feel sorry for the members, and it is with a heavy heart that I leave behind a long-standing friendship. It has been nearly 8 years since I first joined the members, and I am deeply grateful for their care and support. I will cherish these memories and never forget.”

The Chinese rapper explained that it took “considerable time” to reach this decision, but that he believe it’s the right one. “Moving forward, I intend to muster the courage to face the fans who have been waiting for me and to pursue individual endeavors. I believe the best way to repay the fans who support me is by continuing to deliver outstanding performances.”

Lucas’ music company, SM Entertainment, also issued their own statement on the matter, explaining that he will focus on solo pursuit from now on.

“As a result of a serious discussion between Lucas and the agency, it has been decided that Lucas will leave NCT and WayV, and instead pursue solo activities,” SM Entertainment shared in a statement. “From now on, Lucas will promote actively through various individual pursuits. We would like to deliver our thanks to the fans for their endless love toward our artists, and ask that you continue to show your attention and support. Thank you.”

Why Did Lucas Leave NCT?

Prior to his departure, Lucas became embroiled in multiple controversies that involved his personal life and relationships, and was accused of cheating and gaslighting.

In August 2021, Lucas released an apology after three of his ex-girlfriends shared their negative experiences with him. “While watching the situation during the past few days, I have looked back on my past behavior and sincerely reflected on it,” he wrote in a statement at the time. “Looking back on my behavior of the past, it was clearly wrong, and it was an irresponsible behavior that betrayed the support that my fans have shown me for a long time.”

It’s pretty common for K-pop stars to leave their group following controversy so as to not harm the band’s image.

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