Is Taylor Swift adding author to her list of accolades? Swifties are convinced the Grammy-winning songstress wrote the spy novel Argylle, which is being adapted into movie set for release in February 2024. The movie’s director recently cleared up the Swiftie rumors in a recent interview — keep reading to see what he said!

Why Do Fans Think Taylor Swift Wrote ‘Argylle’?

The identity behind the author who wrote Argylle is unknown, as the writer goes by the pseudonym Elly Conway — which is also the name of the book’s main protagonist.

Fans of Taylor were convinced the Eras Tour performer wrote the spy novel after fans spotted what they thought could be easter eggs, including the film’s official poster, which features a Scottish Fold cat who looks similar to Taylor’s own feline, Meredith Grey.

Did Taylor Swift Write ‘Argylle’? Movie Director Responds

In a conversation with Rolling Stone from January 2024, Argylle director Matthew Vaugn revealed that Taylor did not, in fact, write the novel.

“I’m not a big internet guy, and it was actually my daughter who came up to me — this is the power of celebrity and the internet — and said, ‘You never told me Taylor wrote the book!’” the filmmaker revealed. “I’m looking at her going, ‘What are you talking about Taylor Swift wrote the book? She didn’t write the book!’ I was laughing because I was like, ‘It’s not true! She didn’t write the book!’ But my daughter was convinced of it.”

“There is an Elly Conway who wrote the book, but it’s not Taylor Swift,” he continued. “And I say that because I imagine Taylor Swift has a load of people trying to jump on her bandwagon left, right, and center, and I don’t want to be a part of that club. I did read the conspiracies and I was like, ‘Wow, they don’t leave a stone unturned!’ But it’s not Taylor Swift. She definitely didn’t write the book.”

Plans to turn Argylle into a movie were first announced in June 2021, and the movie is set for release on February 2, 2024. The star-studded cast includes Henry Cavill, Bryce Dallas Howard, Sam Rockwell, Catherine O’Hara, Samuel L. Jackson and Dua Lipa.

However, there is one connection to the pop star! The director revealed the only actual connection to Swift is the casting of his Scottish Fold, explaining that his daughters convinced their mother to get them a Scottish Fold after watching Taylor’s Miss Americana documentary.

He added, “As crazy as it sounds, that is our only Taylor Swift connection.”

Who Is ‘Argylle’ Author Elly Conway?

Not much is known about Elly, but her biography on Penguin Random House‘s website states only that the she “was born and raised in upstate New York” and wrote the Argylle novel “while working as a waitress in a late-night diner.”

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