More Damsel? The Netflix fantasy film only just premiered in March 2024, and follows Millie Bobby Brown as Princess Elodie, who must fight a fire-breathing dragon after being sacrificed by a royal family. We sat down with Brooke Carter, the young actress that plays Elodie’s little sister Floria in the movie, who told us her thoughts on a sequel — as well as where the story could go!

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Is There Going to Be a Sequel to ‘Damsel’?

Damsel 2 has yet to be confirmed by Netflix, however, director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo addressed the possibility of a Damsel sequel while appearing on the Inside Total Film podcast in March.

“I mean, I will be so happy to do a sequel for Damsel. But obviously, we have to wait to see what the audience thinks and how they react to the movie. It’s true that the universe of Damsel is really open. Especially because, you know, of the new configuration of the family,” he explained.

“In the story [there’s] this new member, we shouldn’t say too much about that [but] it invites you to think about more adventures with them,” he added. “So definitely, if that happens, I will be so happy to make it for sure.”

How Does ‘Damsel 2’ End?

Following the dragon’s destruction, Princess Elodie, her sister Floria and Lady Bayford return home, and the three women discuss their plans to lead the kingdom themselves.

Brooke told J-14 exclusively that she would “definitely be down” to return for a sequel — revealing some of her own ideas for a possible storyline.

“I would definitely be down for it. The ending of the film has been changed quite a lot, and the one that they’ve chosen … I think it’s the one where Millie goes away, I feel like the sequel could always be like me and my stepmother going to find Millie or Millie comes back and then something happens again with Floria. So yeah, hopefully it’s something like that.”

“I think we are just waiting for the buildup of the release of Damsel,” she added of the sequel’s possibility. “Yeah, we’re just waiting to see what it brings me in the future.”

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