We thought they'd never, ever, ever get back together but rumors are swirling that Gigi Hadid is the person behind a One Direction reunion! And it's not just any reunion, it's a reunion with Zayn Malik!

While it's still unclear when and if 1D will return from their hiatus, sources are saying that when the time comes there's talks of Zayn getting in on the action as well. How incredible would it be to see all five original boys back together again??

A source said, "Gigi is urging Zayn to get back together with One Direction for his health. Zayn has always suffered from anxiety and since he has gone solo, it has only gotten worse…She knows they have had their ups and downs over the years, but Zayn was always able to perform with his mates around him."

The source continued, "He is great in the studio alone but performing for large crowds is too much for his anxiety. Gigi’s advice has been for Zayn to get back together with the guys, do some touring and once he feels better, venture off on his own career again."

Hmm…that idea probably won't settle well with the boys or the fandom! This might be a great idea in theory, for Zayn to come back, but if he plans on leaving again then there's no way the boys will allow it! And to be honest, we don't really think Gigi would give him the advice of quitting for a second time.

Do you think Zayn will make a comeback with 1D? Let us know in the comments below!

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