We've known for a while that Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas are besties — they're even collaborating on his upcoming album — but we had no clue how close Demi is to the rest of the Jonas clan. Even though Demi and Joe Jonas went through an intense breakup a few years ago, she considers him to be like family!

According to Radar Online, Demi is "like a sister" to all the Jonas Brothers.

While we still get nostalgic for the days when Jemi was a thing, we think it's cute that they consider each other to be like family. We knew that Joe and Demi remained friends even after he made controversial comments about their relationship, so their (platonic) bond really is strong.

As for rumors that Nick and Demi will ever be more than just friends? Totally false.

“The fact that people would suggest that there is something romantic between the two of them is hilarious to her because it could not be farther from the truth,” the source said.

We believe it! Demi seems extremely happy with her boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama. Even though her first real relationship was with Joe, we're glad that she's maintained such good ties with the JoBros.

Do you think it's sweet or weird Demi considers Joe to be like her brother? Tell us in the comments!

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