Over the weekend, all of your favorite stars got together to celebrate Forever In Your Mind singer and Best Friends Whenever star Ricky Garcia‘s 18th birthday party.

J-14 attended the exclusive event in West Hollywood, CA, and here is what went down.

Guests such as Landry Bender, Gus Kamp, Brec Bassinger, Johnny Orlando, Emery Kelly, Liam Attridge, and more were treated to a super fun karaoke party that included a ton of singing, dancing, and eating.

We asked your favorite stars what songs they would be singing throughout the night, and you’ll love their answers.

Once the party got started, all of your faves hit up the karaoke room and sang their hearts out to some of their favorite Disney throwback songs. Ricky’s co-star, Landry, led the room in a massive sing along of “Breaking Free” from High School Musical, and Brec Bassinger followed up with a stellar performance of “Baby Got Back.”

In addition to the delicious eats, Ricky even had a custom lemonade for everyone to drink called the “Strawberry Garcia.” Of course, you cannot have a birthday party without dessert, and guests were treated to tasty ice cream sandwiches and a yummy Star Wars-themed cake.

All in all, it was a great night and you could tell Ricky enjoyed his birthday celebration with all of his friends.

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