Nicolay Sysyn and Austin Wallis have made a sad and shocking announcement to their YouTube followers. These two, who have been in a public relationship with each other for over two years, have decided to break up. Cue the waterworks!

Not only have they had their ups and downs, but Austin was also kicked out of his school for refusing to take down the couple's YouTube channel. Why? Because it promoted gay rights. The story is terrible, but it really puts into perspective how these two have supported each other in the worst of situations!

Luckily, they made this decision to split before things got rough and there's no bad blood! They said, "No one hates each other…we just had to decide what was best for both of us and we both had to come to the realization that we weren’t meant for each other…we think that things weren’t going to work out eventually and it was better to get out when we were still able to socialize and talk to each other like we were humans."

Aww! This story is bittersweet. Of course, it's heartbreaking that these two are going their separate ways but it's amazing that they can remain friends. AND what's even better, is that their YouTube channel will NOT shut down!


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