Zac Efron is single, ready to mingle, and traveling the world promoting his latest flick Baywatch with his co-star Alexandra Daddario.

The two have been everywhere from California to Australia doing press for the film, and sharing their adventures on social media which already has had a few fans speculating or at least hoping that the two are more than just friends.

For those who need a little reminder, the two got romance rumors first brewing when Alexandra shared a picture on Instagram of Zac planting a kiss on her cheek at the MTV Movie and TV Awards.

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Then a few days later, Alexandra shared yet another picture of herself, this time taking a break from her busy day of press. The snap was taken by Zac, which of course added even more fuel to the fire.

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Hotel press day exhaustion

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Considering Zac and Alexandra play one another’s love interest in the film, seeing that they get along pretty well is nothing too outrageous.

Though speculation went into overdrive this weekend during a recent interview they did with Australia’s The Project. Zac and Alexandra spent quite some time talking about their shared love of pickles – which sounds a little weird, but the topic came up when they began talking about their strict diets during filming and how Zac mainly managed to stay in shape during the shoot.

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The interview then took a turn when the hosts asked them if there was anything going on between the two of them. Zac answered, “nothing but our shared love of…” before Alexandra blurted out, “pickles.”

Though Zac coyly added “so far,” right after Alexandra’s response, teasing fans and everyone alike that they haven’t ruled out taking their friendship to the next level once they wrap up promoting the film.

Yes! How amazing would that be? Zac and Alexandra would definitely make one attractive couple! Though only time will tell if these two will decide to take their friendship officially to the next level once they wrap up promoting their flick.

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