Zac Efron is a major movie star, a true leading man now. But let us never forget how he really came to be such a superstar with his breakout role as the one and only Troy Bolton in the High School Musical movies. The basketball player who just wanted to sing and ends up falling for the super smart new girl in town. WHAT A TIME.

But after three HSM movies and a remake of the musical movie Hairspray, Zac hasn't done any sort of musicals since then. HSM 3 came out in 2008 but now with the upcoming release of The Greatest Showman, Zac is returning to his musical roots. And he's thrilled to be making his big return to all the singing and dancing in a movie that means so much to him.

"It feels great. It feels good. This is a real neat one too. It's just different," Zac said to E! News about his return to the musical genre. "The movie is very powerful and has a lot to say. I think it's an important one for our generation so it's got a big voice and the potential for it to be heard for our generation is really massive. It feels important and has weight, but it's also very fun and very cool and it tells a really interesting story."

How cute, he really is happy to be making this type of movie again! And during another interview along with his co-star and fellow Disney Channel alum Zendaya, they were asked what their happy place is and Zac literally yells out "Disneyland!" And it's the cutest thing ever. Proof:

zac efron zendaya disneyland

You can feel the pure joy oozing out from him as his face lights up revealing the true kep to Zac's heart is a trup to Disneyland. Watch the whole thing go down for yourself:

OK, so he also had a pretty nice answer to the question of where his happy place is but still, Zac is still Disney AF and he's not shy about it. Remember when he hung out with the bosses that are Mickey and Minnie Mouse at the HSM2 premiere?

zac efron mickey and minnie mouse

So while Zac has truly moved on from his Disney Channel as a now 30-year-old movie star, he'll forever have a special place in his heart for the Disney era of his life. Simply magical.

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