You might think now that Zayn Malik is busy planning his wedding with Perrie Edwards, reporters would stop asking the One Direction star about what qualities he looks for in a girl. But that's definitely not the case! The star recently opened up to Teen Now about what qualities were on his girlfriend checklist before he met his soulmate.

"[I was looking for] a good listener who takes interest in what you say," Zayn said. "If they take time out to speak to you, it's attractive."

No wonder he and Perrie always look so happy in photos — you can tell that when they're together, she feels like he's the only one in the room.

Meanwhile, Liam's description of what he's looking for in a dream girl sounds a lot like his current girlfriend, Sophia Smith!

"I like cute, shy girls with really nice eyes," he revealed to the mag. Liam also explained that girls who are too pushy or bossy aren't a good match for him. With his crazy life in the spotlight, he prefers to be around someone who is always super calm!

Are you happy that Zayn and Liam have both found their dream girls? Sound off in the comments!

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