The stars may have aligned just the way we wanted them to as news goes viral that Zayn Malik and Selena Gomez are possibly working on collaborating for the live-action remake of Aladdin. Before everyone gets hyped up, we must mention that neither artist has confirmed the news or even hinted at it. But, the rumor must have come from something real, right? Yeah, that's what we're telling ourselves. A Selena fan account posted a message on Twitter that said, "RUMOR: Selena Gomez and Zayn Malik are reportedly to be featured on a song together for the upcoming live action Disney movie “Aladdin”."

Another fan account of Selena's tweet out the same kind of message saying, "It is RUMORED that Selena Gomez and Zayn Malik are featured on a duet for the upcoming Disney movie “Aladdin”. Nothing has been confirmed by either of their teams."

There are rumors flying that if the pair end up getting together for what would be a collaboration of epic proportions, they are going to lend their voices to the track, "A Whole New World." This wouldn't be the first time that two big-name artists worked together on something like this. Last year, Ariana Grande and John Legend teamed up for a song on the live-action movie of Beauty and the Beast. And let's not forget, Zayn and Selena are already connected through their circle of friends by way of Queen Taylor Swift. The "Bad Blood" singer already collaborated with the former One Direction singer for the Fifty Shades Darker song "I Don't Wanna Live Forever." It was highly successful and knowing how small the music industry is, it wouldn't be completely out of the ordinary for Taylor to set up her two friends in a professional setting.


Of course, if we want to bring some drama into it, there's one reason why Zayn may not collaborate with Selena and that has to do with his girlfriend, Gigi Hadid. Selena started dating The Weeknd oddly soon after Bella Hadid and the "Starboy" singer broke up. It's fair to say that Gigi may not want her boyfriend working with someone who dated a guy who broke her sister's heart. But, I DIGRESS, because this is about the music here, you guys!

If Selena and Zayn do have something in works, it could add to the already anticipated film. Disney announced in July 2017 that they had officially picked their main cast. They tweeted the message, "Mena Massoud announced as Aladdin, Naomi Scott as Jasmine, and Will Smith as Genie in live-action Aladdin! #D23Expo."

The movie is set to be released on May 24, 2019. So, we still have over a year left for these Zayn and Selena collaboration rumors to come to fruition. For anyone desperately hoping these two have something sneakily up their sleeves, you're not alone. You can find us patiently sitting here trying not to jinx this magical thing from happening.

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