Zayn Malik is tall, dark and handsome. Of course, there's a lot of people who fit that description. But, we literally never thought we'd see someone who looks exactly like the "Pillowtalk" singer. No, really, the resemblance between Z and his doppelganger is uncanny and it's totally freaking the entire Internet out. Between the nose ring, the poses, the glasses, the selfies, Zayn's twin – who goes by the name Tallie Dar – is exactly like the former One Direction bad boy in so many ways.

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Are you as shook as we are? After searching around on his social media, we found out that Tallie is originally from Pakistan but now resides in Toronto, Ontario. He's a regular dude, honestly. He tweets about the Canadian government, street food in Pakistan, Independence Day in his home country and girls, obvi. The only thing Tallie seems to be missing in his life is his very own Gigi Hadid. But, he's quick to retweet anyone who calls him their Man Crush Monday.

To be honest, after all this hype, we have a feeling Tallie will have girls flocking to him in no time. The fact that he doesn't have a lucky lady in his life is shocking. Hi, Tallie, we're single, FYI.

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We're not totally sure if Tallie can sing like Zayn, either. He's definitely into the music scene though as he mentions The Weeknd and few other artists in his posts. Regardless of whether or not Tallie is musically gifted, he could be Zayn's twin and that's all the Internet is concerned about right now. It's safe to say that Tallie knows he's got the good looks like Zayn, too. Aside from Zayn, some people are even saying Tallie is the perfect combination of Z and Harry Potter. MIND. BLOWN. If it's even possible to imagine those two having a baby together, apparently, Tallie would be the product.

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Another said, "so zayn and Harry Potter are the same people ??."

We can't help but agree with the Harry Potter connection as well. As for Tallie, he should be flattered. If the Internet has chosen you as the perfect combo of everything gorgeous Zayn and Harry Potter have to offer, that's not the worst thing in the world. Zayn has yet to comment on this whole thing but we have a feeling once he gets a hold of Tallie's photos, he's going to want to meet his long lost brother.

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